According to Plato and Aristotle each letter-character have meanings of
sounds, visuals, human behaviour, and weather conditions,
and every character have an symbolic meaning.




Archaeological findings of Greek writing in northern Greece have been discovered,
estimating an age of 11.000 years old.



Greek  Archaic similar Ionic Alphabet, long before the Phoenicians claim the originality of the alphabet.
Another proof that the Alphabet is Hellenic.

Evidence for the origins of the Greek Alphabet


Phoenicians sea-going traders, and merchants adopting the Greek Alphabet, and introducing it to the Mediterranean countries, giving the impression that the Alphabet was Phoenician, for this responsible was Greek historian Herodotus, confusing recent Cadmus (=)  with the older Cadmus, who appeared the same era with Zeus, as we read in the Greek historian Hesiodus in Theogony (lines 937,975,978) and in Homer's  (Odyssey E. 299-333-335).


Z: = + a combination of two characters.The Greek hunter, herdsman and finally the earth cultivator, placing the long wood that joins two oxen from the neck, yoke two oxen to plough a field,  it gives an uneven result because always one ox is stately ahead from the other giving the shape of Z.
In sound, throwing water to fire will give the sound zzzzz, frying food, and many other.  
Related words: =(yoke) joining for strength, (hot), (a pair joint together).

Zeus also named (DIAS) meaning two or double, pair, duo  because it takes two to create a new life

(Zeus was father of the rest of the Gods, and demigods, Hera his wife)

- (=Libra scales are also uneven given the shape of Z.

= Zeus - (=join with a goddess, or woman, to produce birth to other Gods and humans) His weapon is the thunderbolt (the sound of the lightening is a sizzling =zzzzz)sound


visually:  =libra, two things together, a pair of husband and wife, ...  
in sound:
is the sizzling sound of a frying pan, throwing water on fire, ...  
in human behavior: is the joint, husband and wife, a pair, a double, ...        
Phoenicians are from the Greek Cadmus descendants.
[Phoenicians adopting symbol Z thought it meant Sword].
Zeus and the other Gods appeared long before 10-20 thousand B.C. and the Greek symbols are as old as that.

reeks could not create a word if they didn't have the alphabet


Code meaning:
- (=joining for strength)

Meaningful extensions:
 to join, hold together, compose

upper case

lower case

, - ( - dz?ta) dz


"zebra"  - "Zeus" - "zigzag"

Every European country is using today at least 5.000 ancient Greek words used as seedlings to create other new words, the English are using  8.000 words, plus other European and non European countries. 
Below is some examples in English.


(zefiros)=zephyr, Zephyrus-- (ziloo)=zealot, zealous, jealous  

(zygon)=zygodactil, zygosis, zygotaxy-- (zoni)=zone, zonal, zonary

(zoo)=zoo, zoology, zoobiology, zoometric, zoomorphic, zoopathology,etc