According to Plato and Aristotle each letter-character have meanings of
«sounds, visuals, human behaviour, and weather conditions»,
and every character have an symbolic meaning.


Α  Β  Γ  Δ  Ε  Ζ  Η  Θ  Ι  Κ  Λ  Μ  Ν  Ξ  Ο  Π  Ρ  Σ  Τ  Υ  Φ  Χ  Ψ  Ω


Archaeological findings of Greek writing in northern Greece have been discovered,
estimating an age of 11.000 years old.



Greek  Archaic similar Ionic Alphabet, long before the Phoenicians claim the originality of the alphabet.
Another proof that the Alphabet is Hellenic.

Evidence for the origins of the Greek Alphabet


Phoenicians sea-going traders, and merchants adopting the Greek Alphabet, and introducing it to the Mediterranean countries, giving the impression that the Alphabet was Phoenician, for this responsible was Greek historian Herodotus, confusing «recent Cadmus (=Κάδμος)»  with the older Cadmus, who appeared the same era with Zeus, as we read in the Greek historian Hesiodus in «Theogony» (lines 937,975,978) and in Homer's  (Odyssey E. 299-333-335).

 «» =L

Λ: The tongue  and the cavity of the mouth resemble a cave with dripping or running  water  will give the sound of la-le-la= ΛH-ΛΕ-ΛΑ, The tongue is slippery, sticky, and wet. According to Plato symbol «Λ» represents brightness, water that sparkles under the sun, smoothens, stickiness, slippery. Is believed that most of springs of water emerging from under rocks or a slit between rocks. The movement of the tongue in the cavity of the open mouth will give the sound of ΛΛΛΛ.  
The word ΛΑΣ=LAS (=bright man near a rock bearing water), people reside near a rock described as, ΛΑΟΣ=LAOS (=nation).
The word «Λάλλαι» (=lalea), according the dictionary Liddell and Scott are named the pebbles on the beach from the noise they make by smoothly moving in and out of the sea shore la, le, la. Word ΛΑΛΙΑ - LALIA (=not understandable speech=la, la, bla, bla, bla). ΛΟΓΟΣ- LOGOS=logic (=spoken word), Logo therapy (=speech therapy).


Code meaning:
ΛΟΓΟΣ (spoken word), brightens

Meaningful extensions:
ΛΑΛΙΑ (=speak), λάμψη=lux , sparkly
 ΛΙΘΟΣ (=stone)

upper case

lower case

Λ =L

λ =l

Λ,λ - (Λάβδα - Lambda)


"leg" - "light" - "follow"

  "last" - "salt"  - "Lot"


Every European country is using today at least 5.000 ancient Greek words used as seedlings to create other new words, the English are using  8.000 words, plus other European and non European countries. 
Below is some examples in English.


Λαμπτήρ (lamptir)=lamp, lampadedromy--Λέων (leon)=lion,

Λέγω (lego)=law, lawful, lawmaker, legislation, legitimate, logic, logos, etc 

Λευκός (lefcos)=leukemia, leucoma, leukous--Λήθη (lithi)=lethal, lethargy   

Λιπαρός (liparos)=lipid, lipogenesis, lipoma--Λίνον (linon)=linen, linoleum  

Λίσσομαι (lissomae)=litany--Λούω (louo)=dilute, pollute, pollution

Λυκηγενής (lykigenis)=lux, look--Λύκος (lykos)=lycanthrope, lyceum 

Λύω (lyo)=lysis, lysemia--Λωτός (lotos)=lotus