According to Plato and Aristotle each letter-character have meanings of
«sounds, visuals, human behaviour, and weather conditions»,
and every character have an symbolic meaning.


Α  Β  Γ  Δ  Ε  Ζ  Η  Θ  Ι  Κ  Λ  Μ  Ν  Ξ  Ο  Π  Ρ  Σ  Τ  Υ  Φ  Χ  Ψ  Ω


Archaeological findings of Greek writing in northern Greece have been discovered,
estimating an age of 11.000 years old.



Greek  Archaic similar Ionic Alphabet, long before the Phoenicians claim the originality of the alphabet.
Another proof that the Alphabet is Hellenic.

Evidence for the origins of the Greek Alphabet


Phoenicians sea-going traders, and merchants adopting the Greek Alphabet, and introducing it to the Mediterranean countries, giving the impression that the Alphabet was Phoenician, for this responsible was Greek historian Herodotus, confusing «recent Cadmus (=Κάδμος)»  with the older Cadmus, who appeared the same era with Zeus, as we read in the Greek historian Hesiodus in «Theogony» (lines 937,975,978) and in Homer's  (Odyssey E. 299-333-335).


Τ: The hammer (=tool) «τύκον» . Cyclops (=Κύκλωπες) the early people of the Greek mountains where the first to create their huts, stables and barns within walls (Cyclopean walls) they became excellent stone carvers. Words ΤΕΧΝΗ (=SKILL-technique - technology - architect. Tίκτω (to bear) (Ι create new life (give birth).

(=cheese), (The technique of making cheese)
[ Homer's - Iliad «επί δ` αίγειον κνή τύρον» (=he grated on top goat's cheese)].

Using a straw basket to carry things in it, using a similar basket as a strainer for the soft cheese, basket (=tallaros - ΤΑΛΛΑΡΟΣ from tallaros emerges the word DOLLAR (=mesuring basket).

 see the difference of the word ΤΟΙΧΟΣ and ΤΕΙΧΟΣ, let us analyze the word to find the meaning ( Τ= the tool to shape the stone), (O = area my house), (I = to stand on secure land which is the X = χθών=earth), (O = area, city, country),

(ΤΗΕ first
Ο represents the home), (and the Ε represents unlimited length of work of a city wall, [ΤΟΙΧΟΣ =SMALL WALL- ΤΕΙΧΟΣ =LONG WALL].  (same word different meaning)  

ΤΕΙΧΟΣ= long walls of a city, the Chinese wall 
unlimited size  E=work
 ΤΟΙΧΟΣ= wall of the house a restricted area
small area O=my home

from the Ancient Greek dictionary

Code meaning:
ΤΕΧΝΗ (SKILL-technique),
ΤΙΚΤΩ (tect)

Meaningful extensions:

upper case

lower case



Τ,τ - (Ταύ - Tau)


  "time" - test" - "top"


Every European country is using today at least 5.000 ancient Greek words used as seedlings to create other new words, the English are using  8.000 words, plus other European and non European countries. 
Below is some examples in English.


Τάλαντον (talanton)=talent, talented -- Τάπης (tapis)=tapestry

Τάλας (talas)=toil, toilsome, tolerance, tolerate, tolerable  

Ταύρος (tavros)=taurus, tauromachy -- Τάφος (taphos)=epitaph

Ταχύς (tachys)=tachycardia, tachiarithmhia, tachyrrythmia 

Τείνω (teino)=tend, tendency, tendon, tension, tent, intensity, tetanus

Τέκτων (tecton)=architect, tectonic --  Τέλλω (tello)=tell 

Τέρας (teras)=teratoid, teratogenesis, teratoma, teratogeny

Τέρμα (terma)=terminal, termination, terminate, terminus

Τέσσαρα (tessara)=tetrabasic, tetrahedral, tetractys, tetragon

Τέχνη (techni)=techno, technician, technic, technical, technology, etc, etc

Τήλε (tile)=telegram, telepathy, telephone, telescope, teletherapy

Τίθημι (tithimi)=theme, thematic, apothecary--Τρόπαιον (tropeon)=trophy 

Τομή (tomi)=tomography, tomogram, anatomy

Τόξον (toxon)=toxic, toxemic, toxin, toxoid--Τρίαινα (triaena)=trident

Τράγος (tragos)=tragedian, tragedy, tragically, tragopodia 

Τρέμω (tremo)=tremble, tremor, tremendous, terrorist, terrorism 

Τρέπω (trepo)=tropic, tropical, trope, tropics 

Τρέφω (trepho)=trophic, atrophic, trophotherapy, threptic, thrombosis

Τρίζω (trizo)=stridence, stridulate--Τρίβω (trivo)=trivia, triviality 

Τρίπλαξ (triplax)=trinal, trine, trinity, triplet, tripod, trisyllable 

Τρώω (troo)=trauma -- Τύμβος (tymvos)=tomb, tombstone

Τύραννος (tyranos)=tyrant, tyranny, tyrannical   

Τυφλός (tyflos=blind)=typhlosis, typhloid