At Stipsi's mountainous sunny slopes thousands of olive trees produce the finest quality of olive oil. The color, the taste, and the aroma, are well blended, a remindful Aegean experience. Here at Stipsi (Stypsi) we produce, store, and sell direct to the consumer. Our principal is to keep the quality to its highest standards.


Naturally low in cholesterol, olive oil has been shown to produce less harmful, and more beneficial effects than other vegetable oils. It's not only tasty, but is also one of the key components of the so-called "Mediterranean diet". Fats and oils are an essential part of a balanced diet. Olive oil is easily digested - it's quickly and completely absorbed by the system. Also trace components like chlorophyll help the absorption, and the aroma and taste stimulate the appetite - an important assist for the digestive process. The circulatory system is aided by a diet which includes olive oil - reducing the risk of arteriolosclerosis and other circulatory ailments. The non-saturated fats which make up olive oil, not only are cholesterol-free, but have actually been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

The olive contains: 
Oil 15-20% 
Water 30-60% 
Sugars 19% 
Fiber 5,8% 
Proteins 1,6% 
Ceneri 1,5% 

The pulp contains 96-98% of the oil, while the seed only contains 2-4%.
Average fatty acids composition: 
Mono-unsaturated Oleic Acid 78-83% 
Essential Polyunsaturated Linoleic Acid 6-9% 
Saturated Palmitic Acid 8-15% 
Stearic Acid 1,5-3% 
Vitamin E: average nutritional value at the production:
100 gr. of olive oil contain 19mg. of Vitamin E.
The natural presence of Vitamin E which plays the role of nutrient and natural anti-oxidant, the important presence of monounsaturated fats and the right bearing of the essential polyunsaturated ones, make Olive Oil a product to be preferred and chosen. 
Grades of Olive Oil:
Virgin Olive Oil:
Oil extracted from olives by mechanical or other methods which do not modify it's basic properties. This results in a completely natural product which maintains the taste plus chemical and biological characteristics of the olive. Within the Virgin grade, there are actually three recognized quality levels.
Quality levels:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
Olive Oil of the best taste characteristics, and with an acidity level not exceeding 1%. 
Oil with a good taste, and acidity levels not exceeding 2.%. 
Inadequate taste or acidity levels above 2.5% 
Refined Olive:
Oil obtained by refining virgin oil whose taste and/or acidity levels make it unsatisfactory for direct consumption. This is a healthy and perfectly acceptable food product, but it does not have the full taste of virgin olive oil.
Olive Oil:
This is made by blending both refined and virgin olive oil. This is very much a standard in the marketplace its properties are somewhere between the previous two.
Our Co-Operative:
About 45,000 hectares of land on our island Lesvos, of the North Aegean Sea in Greece, are cultivated with 11,000,000 olive trees, mainly the variety of "adramitini". This variety originates from Minor Asia, the Turkish coast on the East side of the Aegean Sea, and the produced olive oil is of very high quality matched only by a few on the Mediterranean Sea.
The Olive Oil Co-operative of Stipsi (=Stypsi) is located in the center of the island of Lesvos at the mountainous town of Stypsi and was founded in 1925. Since its foundation it has been operating with great success and is offering quality products and high standard services of reliability and respect to its customers.

Special prices to wholesalers, are always available.