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The Cooperative has been at the forefront for almost 100 years

- The implementation of an investment program begins -

The Cooperative was founded in 1928 by its olive growers
of the village. He built first the stone olive mill and then the storage
areas with ten storage tanks with a total capacity of 650 tons.

In 1977 it entered the sale of olive oil in iron barrels, in the island at the beginning and after a few years and outside the island mainly in Central Macedonia.
  Then, after the oil was accepted by the consumers, it started the packaging in sixteen kilos containers and then the standardization of the oil in 5 liter containers and then in smaller packages.
  This was followed by the packaging in glass bottles of 1 liter, 1/2 liter and 1/4 liter and all this so far only in the category of virgin olive oil.
From 2008 it proceeded to all the above packages and in the category of extra virgin olive oil. Following the requirements of the Law, it was packaged three years ago in smaller 100 ml non-refillable glass bottles for the catering industry, restaurants and hotels for the use of oil, replacing the bulk oil on the restaurant and hotel table with a brand name. packaged and quality olive oil.
 Finally, he proceeded to the packaging in 20 liter containers that are addressed to the home consumer, but also in hotels and restaurants for cooking in the kitchen, and in a 1 liter plastic bottle that is more economical, again for the home consumer.
 It has proceeded and continues to invest in both the olive mill and the olive oil standard for better quality and immediate service of its customers and is the only Cooperative on the island that standardizes olive oil.

(The role of advertising was important when our website was launched after 1995, at a time when the internet was in its infancy)
The Cooperative exports mainly to European countries, Germany, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and outside Europe to Australia, Miami, USA. and finally as strange and difficult as it may seem in Venezuela.

As stated by Efstratios Sloumatis, Director of the Cooperative:
 «"The environment is highly competitive and there must be consistency, quality and quantity in order to be able to cover such markets. The difficulties are more and greater outside Europe, which of course are faced with work and perseverance.
 In the European market things are better because of the common market and the common rules in it, they have to do with the promotion of the product, the quality, and the rules that exist in the markets of countries outside Europe.
  In the highly competitive environment in which we all operate today with the globalization and free trade that exists, the branding of the product that you want to market in such a globalized market plays a very important and important role, as well as marketing. Without them it will not be possible to stand, to become known and consequently to sell this product in the market.
 Branding is the trademark of the product you want to sell, it is its name, its identity and without it it can not easily circulate in markets mainly abroad.
  Marketing again is the passport and its promotion in the markets, his acquaintance with his consumer, these two go together and one complements and covers the other.
  Therefore, their role is very important in its recognition in the market and the final sale, its acquaintance and search by the consumer ".»

The current situation in the olive oil sector is highly competitive but Mr. Sloumatis believes that:
 «"Opportunities always exist in all seasons as long as you see them and take advantage of them in time, as long as you leave them and do not seize them, someone else will seize them, and so you will be left out. I believe there are motivations and support from the State in all jobs, as long as you do them with appetite, perseverance, patience and love, otherwise you can not go ahead and enter, nor stay in the market.
 The State will help you to stand if you are also interested, to seek and pursue opportunities. Of course, there are anchorages that often make the work of the company difficult and many times, despite the constant remarks, they remain for a long time, as a result of which they make it difficult to sell and promote the product, since only with continuous remarks can they be corrected and improved ".
 Regarding the future of the Cooperative, Mr. Sloumatis said:
 «"Everyone's vision for his business is to see it improve, to progress and to look to the future with optimism and prospects for the first time. To leave a legacy to the next generations, a better company than the one he found, sustainable, profitable in growth trajectory and not in devaluation.
 So the Cooperative tries to do the above and to constantly improve. The investment program submitted to Action 4.2.1 four years ago was recently approved by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food, and will be implemented in the next three years.
 It is an important investment program that will improve all its productive sectors, the livestock sector by modernizing and improving the production and packaging of feed, and the olive growing sector, by modernizing the mill, with new modern two-phase machines for better quality olive oil production. with respect for the environment, saving energy and water consumption, but also the standardization of oil with the installation of three more stainless steel oil tanks to store larger and higher quality oil to be standardized.
 It is the largest investment program that our Cooperative will implement from its foundation until today, with the aim of improving the product produced but also the benefit of all its member producers, who see their efforts and efforts to pay off ".»