Metropolitan Bishop Yermanos Karavagelis (1866-1935)

Bishop Yermanos Karavagelis (1866-1935) was born in STIPSI (STYPSI) LESVOS.

A number of years, served as metropolitan in the northern City of Kastoria. His Heroic effort Willingly to govern the Greek villages When they were still under Turkish occupation, bands of Bulgarian gangs, used to enter villages killing Greek teachers and priests, and replacing them with their own, changing the Greeks in to Bulgarians. With great diplomacy and bravery he arranged Greek bands, the Macedonian Committee, a private organization against the Bulgarians, and with a great effort and determination, He plus other great men managed to liberate Macedonia as it is today.

In the park of Kastoria

The region of Kastoria northern Greece constituted the center of preparation and action of the armed liberating Macedonian Struggle. In that region the resistance against the Bulgarians is organized and important historic personalities appear, such as Pavlos Melas, Yermanos Karavagelis and Ion Dragoumis, who, with their robust attitude, led the War to the liberation of the region in 11 November 1912.

Many great men who are involved in intended purpose for the liberation and freedom to their country, to their enemies considered as outlaws, but heroes to their own country. Some well known names to recent past in Greek history are Kolokotronis, Papaflesas, Bouboulina, and many more, one of them was Y. Karavagelis.         

Those who wish to call themselves Macedonians should also speak the Greek language, the language of Alexander, Philip, Aristotle, Isocrates, Ptolemy, ...