The city of SKOPJE Greek name (=ΣΚΟΠΙΑ=fortress - Station) Skopje was a fortress of the northern borders of the Byzantine empire protecting the empire from invaders of the north    

Ancient Greek writers never mentioned the existence of people with Slavic nationality.

According to Byzantine writers a tribe of «ΣΚΛΑΒΟΙ» (=SLAVS) together with a tribe named ΓΕΤΕΣ (GETHS) and a tribe of OYNOI (=HUNS) and ΑΒΑΡΟΥΣ (AVARES) they had regular incursions in northern of Greece.
This 4 tribes make up the Republic of BARDASKA or Skopje, the city of Skopje is 980 years old.

Map of  Ancient MACEDONIA with ethnic tribes:
Agreanes, Paeones, Orvileans, Dardanes, Galabrians, and Skordiscans some of this tribes often had clashes with  the Greek kingdom of Philip, Philip of Macedonia. 



The three parts of Macedonia
(1 Vardar in Yugoslavia,
(2 in Bulgaria,
(3 the biggest part in Greece



VARDASKA in Yugoslavia
a genuine stamp 


In ancient Greek Olympics only Greeks were permitted to participate, because the Olympics considered as religious and customary events:
Alexander A' participated at 496 b.c. Olympics.
Philip B'  of Macedonia participated in tree Olympiads 356 b.c. - 352 b.c. - 348 b.c.

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Those who wish to call themselves Macedonians should also speak the Greek language, otherwise they considered as barbarians   «πάς μη 'Ελλην βάρβαρος»