The universal connection is the gravitational force of particles of the infinite behavior in space, the entire universe is connected and attracted with all mater, through the gravitation force we connect and communicate through the entire universe. Gravity is the fulfillment of the empty space, gravity is charged with particles, gravity can stretch or condensed, and when condensed form new atoms. The hole universe is a gravitational soup every thing is attracted with each other and every thing is communicating with each other, light travels on gravity and gravity controls light.

Many have dealt with the universe without referring solely to the space that surrounds it.

Parmenides describes space rather than matter "without beginning without end, unborn indestructible, existed, exists, and will continue to  exist" only meaning space.
From Heraclitus we learn everything is changing "everything is" meaning matter, time, speed, so both philosophers have been right thinking since they refer to two different theories.

The ancient Greeks did not have numbers using the alphabet where "A" replaces the number 1, the numbers we obtained from eastern countries, the Arabs were knowledgeable of ancient Greek, who translated Greek to Europeans as translators. It is well known that zero (0) was devised by the great Greek mathematician and astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, where zero (0) means " OYDEN =NOUGHT", eventually it is possible to use the Greek symbol "O" omicron from the Greek alphabet by substituting it as 0 (zero).

According to the decoding of the Greek alphabet, the omicron (o) represents the space and the "" the wider space. "o + o = infinity, and A = 1 units".

The zero "0" is not added, not removing, or multiply, or divide 0 + 0 = 0, 0-0 = 0 etc., which as a space coincides with Parmenides' theory.
According to scientists, the universe is constantly expanding, and the strange thing is that  expanding with increasing speed by taking up more space, concluding that
if mater A = 1 + space = zero (zero) or else "
" = mater within space = 1 + 0", = 1 + 0 + 0 = 100 + 0 = 1000 + 0 = 10000 + indeed, the universe is expanding with increasing velocity, acquiring more space. The result should be that all matter and galaxies end up being reduced  and dissolved into a primary minimal to gravity state of reason for the reduced and not completely non-existent universal gravity.

A tiny droplet has a spherical shape a planet a star has a spherical shape the galaxies are spherical in shape the whole universe is spherical in shape, therefore the universe consists of multiple gravitational fields and the whole universe is protected by this universal gravity, as you widen the universe so you reduce the universal gravity, if a body of matter is found out of the universe in space, should be dissolved in the infinitesimal by all decreasing particles.

If we fall into space, we can move in any dimension,
gravity spreads like a multidimensional net where you move on it not only matter, but also the light and the data =(information such as photos from the Hubble telescope or from spacecraft that send information to Earth such as the Internet) without gravity nothing moves. 

If 0 zero is a blank space without matter, mathematics, speed and time should be non-existent, e.g. if someone starts  at some point in space going very fast to some distance, he will find that he started from 0 zero point, at high speed and he reached at 0 zero distance at 0 zero time, since time counts only if there is matter (if two twins siblings one on Earth and the other on the spacecraft will find that he on the spacecraft will always remain at the same age, as opposed to the other on the Earth who will continue to grow older).

Question why space =0 exists?, if zero is empty space  maybe it should not exist, therefore we know its existence, if we could weigh the "0" =space we would notice that the scales would incline where we have placed space, to able to balance the scales we should put the gravity on the other side of the scales, therefore space = gravity and gravity = space (0 =G , G =0.

QUESTION: If zero is space, must it be real? answer YES, there is nothing real that does not have any value and this value is gravity therefore space is gravity, where the infinite minimum of gravity is the beginning of everything, from the infinitely inferior gravitational particle is the beginning of creation of matter.


Gravity is equal to space but gravity is fluctuating meaning that gravity is not always the same
if ( G > 1 = h1 = (matter)) if ( G < 1 = 0 = (no matter))

SHADOW MATER: (dark matter)

is the thickening of gravity at the initial stage of matter creation
(the thickness of gravity is the result of the creation of mater)

conclusion: + = , + + B =

( =space, = gravity, = gravity within space, = mater)    

What is the ideal size? the Human Body? when we say size we mean?, there is no answer, because size takes up space and as we know space has not size, we can penetrate the endless microcosm endlessly, but also extend to the macrocosm in the infinite space without end.

The strange thing is that matter was created with the universe with constant numerical precision from hydrogen (h1) to uranium (U92) and beyond, without any gaps between them, it would not be possible to create the "b" group, if there was no group "a = H1" and group "c" if there was no group "b" first the lighter matter and lastly the heaviest, gravity and attraction to the center created the conflict where the matter was dispersed in newborn universe. (so the universe is born and dies in perpetuity)


It is very likely that it never happened as a big bang, but continued explosions in perpetuity such as super nova which continue to expand the universe, when the universe, matter with time dies and is born again.

The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second (
according to what we know today because light is considered immaterial there should be nothing to change that speed), the question is why the light is affected when passing by a black hole or from a big star? resulting in a jagged direction? there should be no delay and instability in the speed of light ?. Black holes trap light delaying it, immobilizing it and not letting it go, so what is the real speed of light? the Sun or a larger star does not attract the same rays by delaying them before they reach somewhere? in this case the gravity is responsible when the matter electrons in the atoms move slower as a result of the delay of time.
The thickening
of gravity diminishes the space but slows down the speed, as opposed to the dilution of gravity that accelerates the velocity but lengthens the distance, where the sums are proportional (conclusion?  is the inviolable time that overturns the theory of relativity)

Stratis Hatgivlastis  @

. S.H. 2006