According to evidence of Titus Livius, Roman historian (59 BC - 17 AD) that the Roman law is a copy of the Greek law from Sparta and Athens

Cum de legibus conveniret de latore tantum discreperat, missi legati Athenas Spurius Postumios Albus, Aullus Manllius, Publius Sulpicius Camerinus; iussique inklitas leges Solonis describere et alliarum Graeciae civitatum instituta, mores juraque noscere.

U.S. of America adapting the Greek law. «Discrimination:.... The Civil Rights Acts passed by the U.S. Congress included those of 1866, 1870, 1871, 1875, 1964, and 1968.

The first two acts gave blacks the rights to betreated as citizens in legal actions... The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in employment... 
The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 prohibited discrimination in the sale or rental of residential housing».
(Dictionary of Real Estate, St. Hartman, New York, 1996)

Ancient Greek  Lawgivers

According to Homer's Odyssey and Hesiod's Theogony: 
King Minos of Knossos in Crete ascended  the mountain Idaeon Andron (highest mountain of Crete) to receive the laws (commandments) from his father Zeus, and thereafter met with him at nine-year intervals to renew the legislation according to the god's instructions.    

Other Law givers beside Solon and Lycurgus:

Pittacus Mytelinaeus  (from Lesvos)

(600 b.c.)

Πιττακός ο Μυτιληναίος

(600 Π.Χ.)

Zalefcus from Locris 

(7th century b.c.)

Ζάλευκος ο Λοκρός

(7ος Π.Χ.)

Charondus from Catania (Sicily old Greece

(650 b.c.)

Χαρώνδας ο Καταναίος

(650 Π.Χ)

Androdamaus from Rigea


Ανδροδάμας ο Ρήγιος


Feidon from Corinth

(9th century b.c.)

Φείδων ο Κορίνθιος

(9ος Π.Χ.)

Filolaus from Corinth


Φιλόλαος ο Κορίνθιος


Parmeneides from Elea

(500 b.c.)

Παρμενίδης ο Ελεάτης

(500 Π.Χ.)

Dimonaxus from Arcadea


Δημώναξ ο Αρκάς


Dimonaesea from Cyprus

(3th century b.c.)

Δημώνασα η Κυπρία

(3ος Π.Χ.)

Archytas from Taranto (Italy south old Greece)


Αρχύτας ο Ταραντίνος


Periandrus from Corinth


Περίανδρος ο Κορίνθιος


Lycurgus from Sparta

(850 b.c.)

Λυκούργος ο Λακεδαιμόνιος

(850 Π.Χ)

Dracon from Athens


Δράκων ο Αθηναίος


Solon from Athens

(590 b.c.)

Σόλων ο Αθηναίος

(590 Π.Χ)