• The Church of Our Lady Glykophilousa
    A scheduled monument - on a rock 27 metres high, approached by 114 steps. It was built in 1742 and restored in 1540, and has noteworthy carved wooden sanctuary screen and valuable vessels and votive offerings (Petra).

  • The Collection of Byzantine Icons  of the priest Platonas (Petra).
  • The Church of St Nicholas, l6th century, with three layers of wall paintings, marble candlesticks and a gilded sanctuary screen (Petra).
  • The Vareltzidaina Mansion, a scheduled monument, with Macedonian architecture and fine wall-paintings ( Petra).
  • The School of Carpet- Weaving, housed in a fine building of the year 1909 (Skoutaros).
  • The Early Christian Church of St. Demetrius at Ipsilometopo.
  • he Church of St. Alexander at Lafiona. There are remains of an early Christian monastery of 300 AD.
  • Klapados - ecological trail in a wood of outstanding natural beauty, an incomparable iew.
  • Watermills at Ligona, in an individual style of architecture.
  •  The Island of St George, ideal for a isit and fishing.
  • Swimming: At the beaches of Petra and Anaxos, which have p-todate facilities, and at Mikri Tsichranta (Ambelia).