STYPSI Pronounced as STIPSI    




Stipsi or Stypsi is a mountain village 4,5 kilometers from Petra beach, Situated on the south-western slope of mount Lepetymnos, at an altitude of approximately 400 metres.


Stipsi owes its name to `styptiria', a hyposulphite of aluminium and potassium, which is fοund in abundance in the subsoil and is used in the processing of hides and as an excellent mordant in dyeing. The residents are mostly stockbreeders, olive growers, and skilled builders and stone carvers. The Olive Oil Producers' Co-operative of Stipsi has one of the most up-to-date olive presses on Lesvos. Its top-quality oil is bottled and canned and is marketed to meet a wide demand on the domestic and exporting market.The Women's agro-tourism and Craft Industry Co-operative of Stipsi - Ipsilometopo, which has operated officially since November 2000, produces chiefly traditional confectionery, pasta, and superb hand-made embroidery. The Stipsi Cultural Association and the `Κaravangelis' Sports Club are active in the life of the village. The village has an infants' school, a primary school, rural doctor's surgery, and a police station. Stipsi is one of the few villages on Lesvos, which has scarcely been affected by the demographic problem.The village was the birthplace (1866) of the hero of the Macedonian Struggle Metropolitan Germanοs Karavangelis, whose bust adorns the yard of the primary school. The Church of the Ηoly Trinity at Kato Machalas is an imposing building. Work on it began in 1924; the official consecration took place on 27 September 1970. It is three-aisled cruciform basilica in grey trachyte with an interior dome and a very fine sanctuary screen. Ρano Machalas is dominated by the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin built in 1805. It is a three-aisled basilica with a narthex. In the courtyard there is a bust of the village's great benefactor Christophas Hatzidoukakis. On 23 August a three-day fair starts at which the traditional `kiskek` dish is served.





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