Medusa - Μέδουσα

[Νησί ακατοίκητο γεμάτο φίδια] 

[land full of snakes, an uninhabited island
The head of the island have been cut off as a result of the shallow waters today]   


Vellerofontes - Βελλεροφόντης -

[’νεμος καθοδηγεί τον Πήγασο]
(the wind directing Pegasus)

[Βελος = Velos = arrow, direction of wind, velocity.
Chrysaorus - Χρυσάορας

[Όρος που ρέει χρυσός (Ηφαίστειο)] 

[Chrysos = Gold + oros = mountain = Volcano running golden lava] 


Analyzing  every ancient Greek word, untackling the root of the meaning of that word.   
The relation between Atlas and Atlantis  
TLAS =T) technicians, L=Λ) language brightness intelligent, A) people= (άνθρωποι)  
after the lose of Atlantis the word inherited the A - A tlas - A tlantis


ατλάω = το αντίθετο του τλάω (ΤΛΑΩ ανέχομαι, τολμώ, υπομένω)
’-τλας είναι ο ωκεανός όταν όλος ο ορίζοντας του  ωκεανού κράτα τον ουρανό, ο ’-τλας ανήμπορος, ασταθής, ρευστός, ατολμία για τους ανθρώπους να τον διασχίσουν. 
(μόνο ο Ηρακλής μπόρεσε να τον περάσει ξεγελώντας τον ΑΤΛΑ δηλαδή τον ωκεανό)


(αρχαίο Ελληνικό λεξικό Liddell & Scot)

ΑΤΛΑΣ was condemned to carry the sky on his shoulders, every Greek myth have some truth in it, the only way to revive and decipher it is to understand the actual word. Α - ΤΛΑΣ. [Ancient Greek dictionary Liddell & Scot]  ΤΛΑΣ=TLAS= audacity, boldness, daring the A before  the word ΤΛΑΣ = ΑΤΛΑΣ it means the opposite (example  κακός=bad, άκακος=not bad, example2 word equal to word unequal the un is what is the Greek A in front of a word), therefore the word ATLAS-ΑΤΛΑΣ means unable, not having the power to act, frightened, unwillingness. Who is ATLAS? - ΑΤΛΑΣ? Those people who where fortunate to take a voyage in a big ship across the ocean will notice at about the center of the ocean that the sky is resting all around the horizon on the edges of the ocean, therefore ATLAS is in fact the ocean and the sky. The difference between TLAS and ATLAS is that no one dares to cross the ocean at ancient times this is why TLAS becomes ATLAS, only Hercules was able to accomplish the task to brink the golden apples of Hesperidia, crossing the Atlantic. 


Research: Stratis Hatgivlastis