«Κατά συνέπεια αισθάνομαι, ότι δικαιούμαι να βεβαιώσω, ότι όχι μόνο τα Εβραϊκά είναι Ελληνικά,
αλλά επίσης ότι είναι τόσο Ελληνικά όσο ο Όμηρος» (Ιωσήφ Γιαχούντα)

Το εξώφυλλο του έργου, που εξαφάνισε ο διεθνής εξουσιασμός, «Τα Εβραϊκά είναι Ελληνικά» του Εβραίου γλωσσολόγου Ιωσήφ Γιαχούντα 

The book of many copious years of research of seven hundred and more pages by Jewish author JOSEPH YAHUDA

published in 1982 ISBN 072890013

«Actually, the whole complex is consistent and only consistent with two propositions, that is: that biblical Hebrew is Greek, and that the Hebrews were Asiatic Greeks. In fact, the outcome of my laborious, extensive and elaborate research may be summed up in a brief sentence: Hebrew is Greek with a mask on.»

«what I want to prove is an unsuspected and forgotten branch of Greek literature: the Hebrew Bible»

Yahundas research:
«It emerges from his vast and meticulous philological research: that the holders were of Hellenic descent and that the Arabs were of Hittite (Skythian) origin; that they were both intimately related to the Greeks by religion and custom; that the traditional segregation of the
INDO-EUROPEAN from the so-called Semitic languages is baseless.»

HEBREW is a Greek word ΕΒΡΕΟΙ=EBREW (=widespread people, εύρος=euros=wide)  [example HELLAS = ELLAS=ΕΛΛΑΣ]


(=11 pages) , Prologue(=8 pages) , The Hebrews(=9 pages(=1-9) , Modus operandi(=8 pages(=10-17) , The Foundations(=25 pages(=18-42) , Phonetics(=12 pages(=43-54) , Morphology(=20 pages(=55-74) Grammar(=14 pages(=75-88) General propositions(=13 pages(=89-101) Verbal adjectives(=19 pages(=102-120) , Proper nouns(=14 pages(=121-134) The Initial-](=33 pages(=135-150), (151-167) Greek prepositions(=72 pages)=(168-177), (178-187), (188-198), (199-208), (209-218), (219-228), (229-239), The suffix-ζω(=17 pages)=(240-256) Classified homologies(=28 pages)=(257-265), (266-274), (275-284) Concatenation of homologies(=10 pages)(=285-294) , Monographs(=31 pages)=(295 - 309), (310 - 325) Tests of accuracy(=29 pages)=(326-339), (340-354) Complete homologies(=20 pages)=(355-374) Comparisons(=53 pages)=(375-391), (392-409), (410-427) , Catalogue of general homologies(201 pages)=(428-445), (446-465), (466-485), (486-506), (507-525), (526-545), (546-565), (566-586), (587-606), (607-630) , Epilogue(=50 pages)=(631-650), (651-665), (666-680)
(=4 pages) , Addenda(2 pages) .  

Stratis Hatgivlastis
ΤΑ ΕΒΡΑΪΚΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ (του Εβραίου γλωσσολόγου Ιωσήφ Γιαχούντα)