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Prehistoric carvings of Greek symbol characters

Archaeological findings of Greek writing in northern Greece have been discovered,
estimating an age of 11.000 years old.
According to this listing The Greek symbols Existed between the 10.000 -15,000 b. c
It is difficult to give an exact chronological time of creation, but I strongly believe that began as early as the stone age.

Symbols pre Cycladic pottery from Milo's island 3.000 bc Written same as to day symbols X, N.

Ceramic from Gioura Greece
5.000 bc Engraved symbols
A, Y, Δ

North of India 5.500 years  old


This stone carving was found at Grave Creek west Virginia U.S.A. (In the inscription clearly noticed the Greek symbols Κ, Χ, Λ, Τ, Σ, Υ (12.000 - 7.000 b.c.)  Jewellery from the Incas showing engraved Greek symbols Χ, Σ, Υ 

Clay tablet with a Linear A text  (From the palace at Knossos Crete)


Clay tablet with a Linear A  inscription  
(From the Knossos Crete archive)

Found in France older then 7.000 years, showing many Greek symbols Η, Μ, Γ, Κ, Ψ, Τ. and more

Linear A and Linear B Many symbols are
familiar to present alphabet

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