WOMEN OF ANCIENT GREECE And the role of Women in the Community

Circular dance Dance the most adorable sport in ancient Greece Dance before and after the war

Beach volley in ancient Greece bikini's on the beach
Women participating in games

Dance the most adorable sport in ancient Greece

Hokey and Foot ball  in Ancient Greece

Girl athlete in mini skirt Poetry and Music Goddess Athena
Woman the most adorable creature the Greek sculpture ever created, worshiped by male young and old, a natural and physiological phenomenon.

Worshipers making offerings to Greek Gods never on their knees, never bowed their heads, or bend over, but always standing, looking Gods and Kings straight in the eyes

Ancient Greeks created 12 Gods according to their needs, plus many demigods (half-gods), their beliefs where Idea-latric (latria = worship) and not idol worship. (The word Θεός =God meant human of high intelligence just and powerful) This Gods never make miracles but teach humans to use their minds to solve their problems. The Gods did not create the world but they played an important role in improving it. Teaching the people through knowledge and awareness to reach the (Θείων = God-like). They worshiped the perfection of body and mind, art, music, mathematics, health and medicine, physics, and mostly the love of nature, all this based on justice that all people are equal. Each God representing a task like a ministry (the beginning of democracy) and that was a bond of law to the people, with many  festivals, and celebrations, expressing their gratitude to Gods.

MINOAN CIVILIZATION CRETE (3.500-1.900 B.C.) The ladies in Blue have
      elaborately adorned coiffures and wear copious jewellery on their necks
      and arms. Their bodices are trimmed with blue hems.
      ( from the palace at Knosos )


The teaching of music

Greece 3000 B. C.  Never in Greek history reported marriage of a man with two wife's, also it was unethical for a married man to have a relation with another woman, Pericles king of Athens creator of the Parthenon he felt in love with the beautiful and intelligent Aspasia to be able to marry her, he had to introduce a new husband of his first wife's choice and pay a handsome dowry, that was the law,
the law of Solon, in Homer's odyssey, Penelope's exemplary dutifulness, she awaited twenty years for Odysseus return.

Islam and Christianity based on the Bible led humanity to dark ages

Christian Nun
Christianity 21 Century A.D.

Saint Paul burning ancient Greek scientific books.
(early Christianity) Museum of Louvre

Islam 21 Century A.D.

Cradle of humanity, gradual evolution of religion, idol worship
The three names of God (JEHOVAH, GOD, ALLAH) has cased millions of deaths  ever since its appearance.
The question is why? If God is true and merciful why he is permitting  this to happen?

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